Pilot Project

Construction and Closures


Empower cities and government agencies with the ability to publish street closure data in a format consumable by multiple maps.

This project uses our referencing system to provide an open, non-proprietary, and machine readable format for producing street closure information. Produce street-linked data using our web app by drawing on the map.


  • Seattle DOT
  • City of Detroit

Toolkit Workflow

Referencing System

As closure data is drawn on the map the data is snapped to the SharedStreets referencing system, linking street closure data to the global SharedStreets street network.

Data Standards

SharedStreets referenced closure, construction and incident data allows you to locate the closure along the street, in your preferred export format to use on the basemap of your choice. Currently you can export to GeoJSON and Waze CIFS.

User Interface

Cities use our User Interface to create and share SharedStreets-referenced road closure data.


Q: How can companies consume road closure data?

A: We offer the ability to publish road closure data at no cost to cities, and our nonproprietary, open data standard makes it easy for companies to access, read and utilize road closure data. We are also working ways for cities to link data stored elsewhere with us.

Q: What data format is the closure data generated in?

A: We currently output to a GeoJSON format and the Waze Closure and Incident Feeds format.

Q: How can I get started?

A: If you’re responsible for closing roads, check out our road closures tool and let us know what you think!

Q: I wish this tool did X, Y or Z. How can I let you know that?

A: We're excited to get your feedback! Please either open a new issue here on Github or e-mail us

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